About us

On a mission. SHINE is a social enterprise with the mission to empower people with an illness to live their life to the fullest.  It is with this in mind SHINE develops tailored digital therapeutics empowerment programs.

Our vision for the future of care: People First. It is a paradigm change from the current industrial, production oriented system of care. We intend to, step by step, contribute to causing this change. SHINE fully commits to empowering patients and delivering support how and when they want.

Doing good. SHINE’s policies are aimed at realizing it’s mission while being fair to all concerned, or causing anyone any harm. Doing what’s right for people, SHINE believes, turns into business results.

For benefit. While operating in a market, SHINE Health has a social mission. SHINE will compensate employees, shareholders and suppliers fairly. Any other returns will be deployed into realizing the mission.

Privacy by ownership. Not only complying to the law, SHINE believes data are owned by those who generate it. Users’ data is stored privately and will only be used with the consent of the owner, the user.

Transparency. SHINE Health is transparant about their operations: regarding privacy, security and remunerations. Policies are available for scrutiny. Mail: koos@shine-heath.nl.


Koos Ris

Menno Stijl

Monique Wienen

Prinses Mariannnelaan 48
Telephone 085-06 56 342 or email koos@shine-health.nl