Healthy behavior, including therapy adherence, is hard for many patients. It causes sub-optimnal treatment outcome, increased health care costs as well as la lower quality of life for patients.

Empowering patients to embrace conducive behaviors complementing health care treatment is hard. There are over 200 factors influencing behavior and even more options to support behavior change.

Much research remains to be done in areas like behavioral pscyhology, but also communications and multi-media design.

SHINE’s software platform eFriends is available to jointly research and explore behavior change interventions.

SHINE is looking for cooperation with research institutions such as academic (medical) centers, universities of applied sciences and others.

On our wish list:
-empowering medication adherence for people with various illnesses
-innovatively measuring side effects of medication
-engagingly feeding back medication adherence
-most appropriately offering remedies for dealing with side effects
-ethically stimulating conducive attitudes towards treatment and medication

Let’s work together, it takes no more than a quick WhatsApp to get in touch. Koos Ris: +31 6 47314028.