Our first program: Robin – CML
Exclusively developed for people with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), the Robinapp provides tips, tricks and information in a unique chatbot. It allows logging of side effects, blood-values and medication intake. It features a smart reminder (in combination with an electronic pill box) and various e-coaches.
More on Robinapp

The Robin app was developed with financial support from health care insurer CZ’s “Zorgdoorbraakfonds”, in cooperation with Amsterdam UMC (VUmc) Dr. J.J.W.M. Janssen. And is researched by Amsterdam UMC (VUmc) dr. J.G. Hugtenburg.

Scientific validation
A study is underway to validate the effect and effectiveness of the Robinapp on quality of life and mediction adherence. Preliminary results show great potential.

Our second program: Bump
Bump is developed to help you protect vulnerable people in your social circle from the coronavirus. Do you pose a risk or run a risk meeting with people? Find out with Bump.