People First
We believe that the way to empower people to sustainably change their behavior is to truly and fully embrace their personal perspective and context and design personalized programs from that vantage point.
We call it People First Design. We feel 100% comitment to the people we support.

Our vision: People First care-for-health
Think exponential: when deployed with People First, humane design, tech (including AI) can drive care-for-health to be truly personalized. Both preventive and curative care. The current health care value chain is reversed. It can empower people to take charge (or not, if that’s what they want). 
It is a paradigm change from the current industrial, production oriented system of care. We intend to, step by step, contribute to causing this change. SHINE fully commits to empowering patients and delivering support how and when they want.
In our world tech empowers people to strive and thrive.

Design process
Research.Research drives our empowerment programs before, during and after developing them. Our experience in previous projects as well as our cooperation with Amsterdam UMC researchers ensures rigourous scientific grounding. In fact, our programs are – while supporting – continuous research projects.
Create. Our People First Design philosophy is incorporated in our program development method, a practical tool to quickly develop effective empowerment programs. The method, Futurience, combines the power of analytic thinking and design thinking and focuses best practices of a.o. behavioral psychology, persuasive technology, behavioral economics and human-centred-design towards effective, empowering experience programs.  
Deploy. Programs can be deployed on the software platform eFriends: a platform consisting of a library of features, machine learning (AI) tools and empathy algorithms as well as a content management system.
Optimize. Programs are developed using an agile process starting with mvp’s, continuous improvement is integral to running a succesful program.  As is user support with a help desk and other operational requirements.

Joint “open innovation” projects
SHINE loves partnering in projects with patient advocacy organizations and activists, health care professionals and researchers, pharmaceutical professionals, health insurance professionals, pharmacy managers and life science investment professionals to develop projects aimed at improving quality of life including improving therapy adherence in patients with (chronic) diseases.