Therapy adherence is on average at 50%. This causes sub-optimnal treatment outcome, increased health care costs as well as lost income for pharmaceutical companies.

Behavioral, lifestyle support with eHealth is one way to remedy these problems.

But healthy behavior, including therapy adherence, is hard for many patients. Not only is it hard for them, designing programs to empower health behavior is also hard. More than 200 variables have been shown to potential impact therapy adherence, for instance.

Utilizing our People First Design method Futurience SHINE developed a program (app) supporting chronic leukemia patients in their daily struggle with issues resuylting from the disease and the treatment. The program improved quality of life overall, and caused 80% of patients with sub-optimal therapy adherence to optimal therapy adherence. For more info: Robinapp

SHINE is looking for leaders in pharmaceutical companies who have the openness of mind to innovate and the freedom to take action to support developing new ways of empowering patients to embrace healthy behaviors complementing pharmaceutical health care treatment.

SHINE invites you to jointly develop programs for a variety patients leading to better medication adherence, better treatment outcome and higher top line income for pharmaceutical companies. And better quality of life.

On our wish list:
-empowering medication adherence for people with various illnesses
-innovatively measuring side effects of medication
-engagingly feeding back medication adherence
-most appropriately offering remedies for dealing with side effects
-ethically stimulating conducive attitudes towards treatment and medication

Let’s work together, it takes no more than a quick WhatsApp to get in touch. Koos Ris: +31 6 47314028.