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Health care costs will continue to rise. To sustain high levels of health care, innovative ways of promoting health and curing disease will have to be found.

One driver of higher health care costs is sub-optimal health behavior by the general public and patients. There are many types of sub-optimal behavior, ranging from unhealthy eating, not enough exercise and therapy adherence. This costs billions of euros a year in increased health care costs.
In addition, it causes sub-optimal treatment outcome as well as a lower quality of life.
For instance, sub-optimal therapy adherence in chronic leukemia patients costs €5,000 per patient per year.

Behavioral, lifestyle support with eHealth is one way to reduce these costs,

But healthy behavior, including therapy adherence, is hard for many patients. Not only is it hard for them, designing programs to empower health behavior is also hard. More than 200 variables have been shown to potentiaal impact therapy adherence, for instance.

Utilizing our People First Design method Futurience SHINE developed a program (app) supporting chronic leukemia patients in their daily struggle with issues resuylting from the disease and the treatment. The program improved quality of life overall, and caused 80% of patients with sub-optimal therapy adherence to optimal therapy adherence. For more info: Robinapp

Our vision for the future of care: People First. It is a paradigm change from the current industrial, production oriented system of care. We intend to, step by step, contribute to causing this change. SHINE fully commits to empowering patients and delivering support how and when they want.

SHINE is looking for leaders in health care insurers who feel the responsiblity to cause changes in the current health care system.
People with the openness of mind to innovate and the freedom to take action to support developing new, innovative ways of empowering patients to embrace healthy behaviors complementing health care treatment.
And in this way position their company to the forefront of innovation in health care.

SHINE offers to jointly develop programs for your insured leading to better quality of life, improvement of therapy adherance and thereby to better outcome of health care treatment and lower health care costs.
SHINE offers joint programs challenging high potetials within insurance companies to contribute to innovating the health care system.
SHINE can offer a variety of options to improve health insurers’ marketing and reputation.

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